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It’s Really About You

It’s about helping you become the best version of yourself you can be.

There are many considerations as you are deciding whether to have surgery. Dr. Crichlow and his trained staff take the time to understand your desires and concerns so they can properly answer your questions and assess your needs.

They will perform a full clinical evaluation of your medical history and current health status in collaboration with your current general practitioner or specialists, if needed. They will discuss your motivations and expectations as well as the possible complications from your chosen surgical procedures. Above all, they want to empower you to make informed decisions about your treatment.

Dr. Crichlow and the AvantBlue team have decades of experience and are dedicated to delivering patient safety and an excellent experience with outstanding results. They are committed to excellence, extraordinary service, integrity and humility. They want you to have a world-class experience while in their care. Most of all, they want you to have world-class results so you always look as good as you feel.

AvantBlue Vision

To pioneer a cutting-edge global medical system, creating a culture of service and excellence.

AvantBlue Mission:

Safety, Experience and Results

To create a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors to the the Clinic; create an excellent, memorable experience while in our presence; and to deliver exceptional results.

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