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Fat Transfer

If you ever wished you could take fat from one part of your body (e.g. your hips or thighs) and move it to another (e.g. your breasts or buttocks), you’re not alone. The good news: Plastic surgeons figured out how to transfer fat exactly as you imagined. They have improved fat transfer grafting methods and procedures to the point where they can use excess fat to sculpt and contour your body for the look you want.

Since we use your own body fat, some people refer to fat grafting as “natural” plastic surgery. While fat transfer can work anywhere on the body, it is most commonly used on the face, breasts and buttocks, and it is growing in popularity. Breast augmentation using fat transfer has increased 72 percent in recent years, and buttock augmentation has increased 26 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Keep in mind that fat transfer works best when the desired size increases are small to moderate. Compared with aesthetic surgical breast augmentation, fat transfer provides relatively smaller enhancements.

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