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Weight Loss

When You’re Serious About Losing Weight

Unfortunately for millions of people who are overweight or obese, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-everyone weight loss solution. Weight loss is a complex issue, and solutions need to be unique to each individual based on many factors, including your overall health, health issues, family history, metabolic rate (how quickly and efficiently your body burns calories from food) and personal goals. The best weight loss solution for you should be unique to you in order for you to reach your goal successfully.

That’s why so many people are choosing AvantBlue Weight Loss Centre in Barbados. Here, Dr. Crichlow works closely with you to determine the best weight loss program for your specific needs. He offers his own proprietary Metabolic Fusion MD products, excess skin excision after weight loss and weight management once you have achieved your healthy weight.

Metabolic Fusion MD®

Do you want to kickstart your metabolism and your weight loss program safely and effectively? Metabolic Fusion MD is an amazing series of specially formulated products developed by Dr. Gregory Crichlow to help his patients reach their weight loss goals. The Metabolic Fusion MD Programme designed by Dr. Crichlow has been running in Barbados for the past three years. It has a very high success rate, including several patients who have lost over 100 pounds and successfully maintained their new weight. You’ll find Metabolic Fusion MD at the AvantBlue Weight Loss Centre and medical spa in Barbados.

Skin Excision After Weight Loss

Human skin is an amazing organ capable of stretching to accommodate all the excess fat our bodies store as we gain weight. But where does all that extra skin go when someone loses a great deal of weight, say 50 to 100 pounds? Unfortunately, skin does not go away by itself and it simply cannot shrink enough to return to normal. The only way to lose this extra skin is through surgical removal, or excision. Dr. Crichlow is specially trained and experienced in this procedure.

Weight Management

For many people, keeping weight off is as challenging as losing it in the first place. That’s where weight management becomes critical in order to protect your new-found healthy weight once you have reached your goal. Weight management also involves lifestyle modifications, changing your food choices and meal times, increasing your activity levels and avoiding tobacco products and alcohol. Dr. Crichlow will continue to support you and advise you about your nutrition and exercise needs.

Learn more about successful weight loss at AvantBlue. Call (246) 537-5200 in Barbados or use our convenient Request a Consultation form.

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